The context of the project is concentrated on the needs of the youth on one hand and on the need of the community in which they live on the other hand. It started from the need of information and education regarding the social inclusion and tolerance problems that Europa is facing, tackled through universal tools such as – sport and dance – promoting a healthy lifestyle, reaching subjects from daily physical activity , healthy eating, promotion of beneficial hobbies.
The project objectives are:
O1: Raising awareness on the concept of healthy living, the importance of physical movement and a balanced diet, face to face socialization, among a number of 55 participants, during 6 months of the project, with an agenda of activities in which they will be directly involved
O2: Increasing social tolerance and openness to social inclusion, of a number of 55 young people during 6 months of the project, through sport activities / workshops of dance and non-formal education
O3: Promotion of sports activities among youth in the community for the adoption of a balanced lifestyle – long-term goal
O4: Increasing social inclusion of youth at risk with partner associations working through non-formal and sporting activities (eg young people with ASD Romania, Jordan refugee youth / young deficient views)
O5: Increasing operational capacity of partner associations on the implementation of measures of social inclusion in the community through sport / dance categories of youth at risk are in the communities they serve
Creating a support network in the field of youth, partnership E +, introducing, testing and validation of documents in future projects / project management strategies – long term goal
Youth exchange with program partners:
Location: Craiova, Dolj
Dates: 23 – 30 th July 2017
Topic: tolerance and social inclusion through sport
Partners: Romania – Hosting; Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Turkey as Sending
Youth exchange with partner countries:
Location: Craiova, Dolj
Dates: 1st – 8th September 2017
Topics:tolerance and social inclusion through dance
Partners: Romania -Hosting; Jordan and Ukraine as Sending.


Youth Exchange: “Express yourself”

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