This project comes in the frame of former EVS “Second Chance”, which was implemented by ANTER in 2014/2015 and has establish as a goal to fight juvenile delinquency, since this is one of the biggest problems that Romania is facing at this point, delinquency that is generated by a cumulating factors such as family, formal educational system, community, as well as the lack of adequate legislation for underage delinquency.
The project is built on a strong partnership between 9 program and partner countries and it will contain two youth mobility – European Voluntary Service, 4 months each.
Project’s aim: to address the need of inclusion and positive awareness of the others, based on civic involvement of all social categories and stakeholders.

EVS objectives:
– Development of cross-cutting competences in a multicultural environment for 16 volunteers during 2 stages of 4 months /stage (see learning outcomes)
-To increase the involvement in scholar and extracurricular activities of 50 youngsters from PMTC during 8 months.
– To facilitate and improve the contact between youngsters from PMTC and local community through the activities proposed.
-Raising awareness of SO/HO communities regarding the importance of applying measures to prevent juvenile delinquency, as well as the role that civil society plays in the reintegration of these youngsters.

The European Voluntary Service will take place in Craiova, Romania, first stage between 01.07.2016 – 31.11.2016, involving 8 volunteers – each partner will send 2, IRELI PU –Az, EUROCIRCLE – Fr, Georgian Youth for Europe- Ge, Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development CEDRA Split – Hr; second stage between 03.11.2016-05.03.2017, involving 8 volunteers – each partner will send 2, Scambieuropei – It, SFERA – Ru, Stella – Uk, ASSOCIATION CENTER FOR INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE – KUMANOVO – Mk. ANTER will be the coordinator and the hosting association for this project. The youngsters will conduct a set of activities, divided as following:
Activities inside PMTC
• creative workshops and shadow theatre/ forum for real situation outside the PMT
• sports activities
• managing the TV/radio broadcasted internally

Activities outside PMTC
• Public activities – events (exhibitions, shows, football/volleyball championships between youngsters inside PMTC and youngsters from partner high schools in Craiova, photo/video expositions
• managing project’s website
• Journalistic activities: interviews, short movies, articles
• Activities to promote E+ learning tools (public events, sharing flyers, web pages on the website of ANTER and the project itself), ONGFest etc.
These activities are meant to develop a set of competences for the volunteers that will help them in the process of finding a job as well as following higher education. 

RESTART (2016-2017)

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