We are very happy to inform Craiova’s community about a new project approved to our association

Please find information about it and in case you would like to be part of the project from local community please let us know: anter.craiova@yahoo.com


PURPLE PROJECT is a youth project in the frame of Erasmus+ programme, the KA1 component, organized by a consortium of 5 partners (UE/EECA/MEDA) who will implement 2 EVS mobilities in the city of Craiova/ Romania. The 2 transnational volunteering services will be carried out by a total of 16 youngsters from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Jordan. Among these participants, 2 belong to the category of participants with fewer opportunitites facing ‘Cultural differences’ as part of the LGBTQ+ community. The project timeline:
Project Period: 1ST February 2017 – 31st March 2018 (14 months)
A1: 1st May 2017 – 30th September 2017 (5 months/8 EVS volunters)
A2: 1st October 2017 – 28th of February 2018 (5 months/ 8 EVS volunteers)


The coordinating/ host organization: ANTER Craiova/Romania
The sending organizations:
2. Interregional youth social movement of support of voluntary initiatives SFERA Nizhny Novgorod/ Russia
3. Association “Georgian Youth For Europe” Rustavi/ Georgia
4. Youth Network for Development and Innovation Amman/ Jordan

The project OBJECTIVES:
1. To support the aquision of interpersonal &”learning to learn” transversal competences among the 16 EVS volunteers, necessary for their active and responsible involvement in intercultural issues that directly affect them.
2. To support the acquisition of intercultural competences necessary for building a nondiscriminatory/inclusive behavior among 200 adolescents/youngsters (2 target groups) during the whole period of the project.
The overall GOAL: To increase the opportunities of intercultural development and international cooperation among the persons, institutions and communities co-opted in the project.

The 16 EVS volunteers whose needs correspond to the thematic direction of the project will be provided with the necessary preparation and support on behalf of the promoters/local partners in order to implement a weekly volunteering program with multiple benefits for their development and the youth life quality in the local community.
The volunteering agenda comprises:

A) A program of nonformal activities and debates in 4 local schools/high schools that promote intercultural education, diversity & minority rights and the fight against such phenomena as: bullying, hate speech/hate crime, discrimination and marginalization against youth
B) Weekly experimental fashion workshops with the aim to create a “wardrobe of diversity/ interculturality” alongside a group of youngsters with various backgrounds from the host community directed impacted by the theme of the project
C) A teambuilding program and support groups addressed to youngsters belonging to several minorities (eg: LGBT, Rroma, immigrants and foreign students)
D) A feature documentary that analyzes the perception of diversity and the benefits of (cross-border) volunteerism in multicultural communities

The impact of the project on medium/long term:
Among the EVS participants, the project stimulates the development of competeneces that allow them to responsibly contribute to the reduction of problems/phenomenons that directly interests/ affects them by fighting against discrimination at local/international level; building more inclusive&tolerant communities. Besides its intercultural character, the themes and the volunteering tasks enhance the freedom of mobility and the capacity of the EVS volunteers to adapt and be efficient in various cultural/ social and professional environments.
Moreover, the project stimulates the civic spirit, the communication and responsible public speech and the solidarity between different minorities promoting peace, education and human values at local and international level through multimedia instruments.

Purple Project

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