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We have a new project and the first volunteers will arrive on 01st of November

Find here information about this project:


SHOE BOX is an project applied under Erasmus + Program, an KA1 (EVS mobilities). It will last 24 months starting with 05.06.2017 and is coordinated by ANTER Association from Romania. SHOE BOX is an project applied under Erasmus + Program, an KA1 (EVS mobilities). It will last 24 months starting with 05.06.2017 and is coordinated by ANTER Association from Romania. The hosting of the volunteers is ensured by ANTER Romania, as well, in Craiova, through 3 mobilities of 6 months, according to the following calendar:A1:01.11.2017-19.04.2018A2:04.05.2018-20.10.2018
The sending partners of Shoe Box Project are:A1:YNDI(Jordan),Bridge to the Future(Azerbaijan);Georgian”Youth for Europe”(Georgia);STELLA(Ukraine) A2:;ABTGKD(Turkey); Solaris(Germany); AEGEE Spain; VCS MacedoniaEach of the organizations mentioned above will send to Craiova 1 or 2 volunteers The context of SHOE BOX project is an intercultural and experiential learning one, meanwhile the objectives are focused on volunteers on one side and on target group members from Craiova on the other side:1. Among the 16 EVS volunteers from Azerbaijan, France, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine: development of attitudes, abilities, basic competencies useful for getting a job and adopting an more active life style2. Among at least 4200 people from Dolj/Romania (children and parents): promoting children rights, with accent on playing rights for kids.The volunteering activities from each of the 3 mobilities are developed using the mechanism of “time banking” type of the project and will be done by mix teams (2 EVS volunteers and 2 volunteers from ANTER):• A1: Development of public actions for collecting toys/hygiene objects/ clothes for children and young people in need from Craiovaa) public online and offline actions for fundraising for families in need (methods: crowd funding; silent action’ public package, etc)b) support actions (by case: cleaning/arranging of indoor/outdoor playing spaces: painting the walls with posotve characters from stories from belonging communities of the EVS volunteers; creation of Tooth Fairy Kingdom; equipment of the wardrobes for cloths, etc) • A2: Development of public actions for promoting children rights among, mainly, parents (accent on playing rights for kids)a)development/dissemination of support materials for public actions b)development of public actions for it-self• A3: Development of “birthdays donation” actions (on average 1 birthday per month of stage) according to following milestones: -the citizens of Craiova that have the birthday, for eg, in February can announce their friends and families that are donating it to a poor child or young person in difficulty and that is having the birthday in the same month. With the volunteers support will be organized surprise events for the child/young man celebrated together with ANTER volunteers and the people that are bringing gifts. On average will be 1 event like this per month of stage. -in completing this activity the teams will also manage twice per week at ANTER office creative workshops for recycling and reusing of objects that will be transformed in gifts for children/youngsters celebrated or arranging the environment where these people will celebrate their birthdays.  THE FRAME-PROFILE OF EVS VOLUNTEERS TARGETED IN THE RECRUITMENT/SELECTION PROCESS: • motivation/interest toward the theme of the project, toward the specific activities suggested and toward the target groups assumed • availability of getting involved in an active and systematic way in each staged of the project (preparation/development/evaluation+follow up). • fitting the following frame-profile: young person belonging to NEET category (unemployed, without independent entrepreneurial activities, without being involved in an learning program since at least minimum 10 months in a row from the date of applying this candidature); reduces employability competencies; with minimum or without job experience; financial dependents on families  • communication competencies in English language at least basic (taking into consideration the specific of the stages – frequent interactions with hosting community members and the colleagues from the mobility)  In order to respect EVS Charter (like ensuring the universal access to vacancies of the project), we will NOT follow the selection of youngsters according to their professional preparation/experience and not according to other aspects such as: hobbies, cultural identity, sexual orientation, religion, political convictions, civil status, etc

New project for ANTER – Yes for new EVS – called Shoe Box

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