Nume proiect: InSport High Priority
Partners: ANTER coordinator of the consortium, PIY Turkey, GYE Georgia and YNDI Jordan
Participants: 50 volunteers, short term project, during summer 2023
Venue: 5 small cities in Dolj county
The scope of the proposed project is two-sided; from the one hand to provide all the appropriate knowledge to youth workers, coaches and teachers promoting sport activities for social inclusion and mental health and from the other hand to tackle youth lack of sport activities and a proper understanding about healthy lifestyle.
A1| Launch events, info notes and newsletters type
A2| InSport Promotional Events
A3| Mobilities in 5 small communities in Romania. Volunteering teams composed of 11 volunteers / small community (10 international + 1 local in-country volunteer) will develop the structure need it for social inclusive daily sport activities.
A4| Guidebook development
A5| Final Conference – Closing Event

InSport high priority

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