EVS Info Pack Cultural summer

The project supposes involvement of 8 volunteers from Romania into short-term EVS project in rehabilitation center for disabled children in Smolensk during 2 months. Both involved organizations view described activities as very important with an expectation of high impact not only on local community, but also on strengthening cooperation between 2 active youth organizations in Europe and Russia. The project is a continuation of good experience of both organizations with previous EVS projects they have implemented together in the last 5 years. The project meets all objectives of European Voluntary Service program, because it develops solidarity and promotes tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union through common activities of volunteers from Europe in Russia, creating an atmosphere of unity and common development. Moreover, as the project has clear objectives of supporting and developing quality systems of children care and development, it contributes to developing such systems in Russia and encourages Russian organization to use experience of foreign countries in this field. The project develops participation of young people from both countries – Romania and Russian Federation. The EVS project is an educational program based on the principles of non-formal education. The volunteers will acquire new experiences, new skills, and gain independence. They will get in touch with different cultures and work for a project useful for the local community of the hosting country. The volunteers will learn to live with people from different backgrounds, with different cultural traditions and will acknowledge the diversity. They will discover Russia, with its social, economic, cultural realities beyond the stereotypes of traditional tourism. The sum of all these practices would help the volunteers to expand their point of view and to acquire new skills.

Cultural Summer

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