Youth exchange in Latvia

From 13th till 20th of May youngsters from Latvia, Georgia, Romania and Ukraine realized Erasmus+ youth exchange project Nr. 2016-3-LV02-KA105-001410 „Cool to be green”. The project took place in Latvia- in Vilaka municipality. Project main goal was to educate youngsters about the environmentand to share experiences of transnational environmental pollution issues. During the project we showed and taught each from other how people influenced their environment. It isa problem which affects not only part of the society, it is common humanity problem.

During the youth exchange youngsters had master classes- each country was responsible to make one master class about such topics like- water resources, personal hygiene, recycling and climate change. We had great national evenings where we became aware of the cultural diversity. We were going on study tours to Energy Efficiency Centre, Nature Park and farm. We had environmental cleanup and we made beautiful poster where we were asking people to save nature and don’t mess. We got information about programme Erasmus+ and youth passes and filled them. We made activities for local inhabitants- youngsters in schools and people in the streets. We wanted to show how people influenced their environment, that environmental pollution begins from one’s own. We had great time with youngsters from different countries, we got experience how to communicate in English and understand each other and we understood that each of us is a different person, but we have many common interests.

Most useful benefit of this project is a sense that it is necessary to take care and conserve the nature around us and it has to be done regularly.


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Cool To Be Green

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