ANTER is implementing Voluntariat pentru comunitate project, financed by EU through European Solidarity Corps Program, during which a group of 36 volunteers will implement activities in the youth center during 15 july to 15 september 2020.

The purpose of our project is to carry on the idea of the Volunteering Center for Community Volunteering, from the aforementioned ESC project, and to create a support structure for young people in the community in implementing their ideas or directing their volunteer work where needed, creating a HUB linking between local NGOs and groups on the concept of TIME and RESOURCE BANKING.

The activities will be:

1. Mapping the opportunities in the community, by contacting local NGOs. A list will be requested from the Register of Associations and Foundations in Craiova to send the cover letter to all NGOs. Also included here are state institutions such as DJST, Traian Demetrascu House of Culture

2. Creating for each willing NGO a presentation of the opportunities they have (will include video, photo gallery, script description, section with concrete opportunities and the need for help they have). We assume a minimum of 30 NGOs will be included in the initial volunteering map, as a result discussions during the need research phase at the local level. (I interviewed 37 NGOs from UpToYouth – CraiovaCapitalaTineretului group)

3. Organization of the event Volunteer Festival (VF) (a festival that is frequently performed by volunteers of our association in partnership with 3 others Local NGOs), with the purpose of disseminating information to young people in the community.

      PROFILE OF VOLUNTEER: young person aged between 18 to 30 years old, motivated to developed the specific activities of the project and to work in a big team

Infopack Volunteering for the community – download

Volunteering for the community

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