the first stage of RESTART EVS project is developed between 01.07.2016 to 01.11.2016. During this time our volunteers will develop activities together with young people from the Juvenile Penitentiary – soon you will discover more pictures from the activities. Until that….check out why these young people choosed to be volunteers and which is their life motto:


bacho-from-georgia Volunteers can change the world for better future (Bacho from Georgia)

samaye-from-azzerbaijan My motivation means leadership, managment, team work, educative activites…I gained more stuff and I hope i have contributed a lot, too. Sharing is the best :) (Samaye from Azerbaijan)

umud-from-azerbaijanIt’s time to show what you are made of (Umud from Azerbaijan)


This is me – Aygul, 25 years old Azerbaijani girl, it is my first Erasmus project which I work in “Youth Detention Center” in Craiova city of Romania. This is my choice that’s why if I can to teach something for someone who need my help, it makes me so happy. I think that doing my best in here. (Aygul from Azerbaijan)


ludovic-from-france Dare the bold creativity (Ludovic from France)

i. 100%


Mottos and motivations of EVS volunteers from Restart 1st stage :)

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