Restart team created by six EVS volunteers from different countries (France, Georgia, Azerbaijan) working in the Juvenile Penitentiary of Craiova (Penitenciarul de Minori şi Tineri Craiova) is inviting you on 30th September in Piața Frații Buzești (zona Iberico/Bancpost) between 10.00 – 12.00 to dance together and show people how much we care about an healthy society. Our aim is to raise awareness about these youngsters, that will finish their detention period, to change the society’s attitude towards them and breake the prejudices. You will also meet sme of the young people from the Penitentiary and watch their show, see what are they doing in the Penitentiary and what talents they have.

Let us give them second chance to restart in life.

Come and watch their show. Dance with us, break your stereotypes! :)


Flash Mob “Dancing Without Stereotypes”

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