Our beautiful project has come to the moment of saying goodbye. All the volunteers and ANTER association representatives are thankful to all the local partners that we have been working with: Handball Club FEFS Craiova, Elena Farago School, Elders Center and to all the local volunteers that we meat during our project. We have organized a lot of events, you could see us in different moments in the street or not – volunteering for Craiova. Now, the volunteers and all of us have to close the project and go back to new beginnings. Was a great adventure that lasted 1 year – an year with extraordinary or unpleasant moments, year with lots of emotions, high motivation or low one, year with all the type of feelings that made us stronger and more tolerant, more active and creative, more experienced.

Good luck guys and hope to meet you back!


Ecological Voluntary Service was an EVS project financed by the European Commission through Erasmus+ program. During 1 year the volunteers from Spain, Turkey and Poland have been working with and for children, with and for elders, by organizing ecological and healthy life activities.





Ecological Voluntary Service has come to Goodbye moments :(

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