This summer, two of our youth workers shared good practices about working with disadvantaged young people and met other partners interested in developing future projects based on international volunteering.

The project “European Union Volunteer for Inclusion”, initiated by the Dominou Association from Romania, brought together 28 youth workers (from Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Nederlands, Croatia, France, Denmark, Estonia) that are actively working with the disadvantaged young people. They participated to a contact seminar for 7 days in Craiova, between 10-16.07.2019, in various activities aimed at facilitating cooperation and partnership.

Our youth workers are now developing the project ideas that were created during the contact seminar and planning more future collaboration.

If you want to know more about international volunteering, consult our GUIDE FOR INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERING PROJECTS:

Creating a network of institutions supporting international volunteering

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