ANTER (National Association for Support of Ecological Youth of Romania) was founded on 04 october 2008 in Craiova, Romania. Its goal is “to promote the development of civic consciousness in general and eco-civic consciousness particulary, but also to sustain the young people involvement in the civic life.

ANTER is a totally independent association which brings together young people with ages between 18 and 35 years,  from different areas without distinction of nationality, sex, religion, political and religious beliefs. ANTER has lot of members and more than 100 volunteers which are interested in solving environmental problems and beeing involved in civic activities. Also, we had different activities regarding intercultural exchanges between people who belong to different cultures (roma, polish, bulgarian, greec, turkish, french, etc). Also, in all of our projects we involved fewer opportunities youngsteers and some of them became members of ANTER Craiova.

Our association has a good capacity of implementing projects, starting with our experience in all the actions of YIA and now for implementing Erasmus+projects. We have an well equiped office and good logistic to manage the implementation. Also, we have strong local partnerships and also international ones that are facilitating the implementation of projects.


Here are few of our members/volunteers/collaborators and we hope to have more and more pictures here day by day, year by year …..